皇冠365官方APP is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy as a visitor to our website at a9l1az.meshboxx.com. We take the issue of privacy very seriously and value the trust you place in us each time you use our services and access this website.

This privacy statement describes the practices and policies we have put into place to safeguard your personal information that may be gathered and used as you visit our website.

These provisions may be changed from time to time and without notice at 皇冠365官方APP sole discretion and as provided by applicable law. 

您应该经常查看本隐私声明以了解任何此类更改, 但, 无论如何, your continued access or use of the site shall constitute acceptance of any modifications of the privacy statement. 如果您对我们的隐私政策有任何疑问, we encourage you to contact us using any of the methods outlined at the end of our privacy statement.


皇冠365官方APP is collecting information on this website as outlined in this privacy statement.


Our Web server automatically collects and records the following information daily: 

  • 访问者的域名,而不是电子邮件地址.
  • 访问者的IP地址. 
  • 汇总关于访问哪些页面的信息. 
  • 所使用的Web浏览器软件的名称和版本号. 
  • 使用的操作系统. 
  • 您访问我们网站的日期和时间. 
  • 链接到我们的网站地址(引荐URL). 


在我们网站的不同位置,取决于您使用的功能(例如.e. 购物车), 你可能会被要求自愿提供个人信息,比如你的名字, 信用卡信息, 电子邮件地址, 通讯地址及电话号码.

We also collect the 电子邮件地址es of those who communicate with us via e-mail.


The information we gather automatically and with your permission during your visit to our website is used in the following ways:

  • 监控,审查,测量和分析网站的使用情况.
  • 修改和增强网站. 
  • 改进我们网站的内容和设计. 
  • 响应您的请求. 
  • 发布网站访问者所要求的新闻和其他信息. 
  • 验证您的身份.

我们也可能将您的信息用于特定目的, 比如课程安排, 活动或节目.


The personally identifiable information gathered during your visit to this website is shared with organizations affiliated with 皇冠365官方APP. 我们不出租, 出售, 交换, or in any way provide personally identifiable information to any third-party organization. 




Individuals may notify us that they wish to opt-out and prevent the transfer of their personally identifiable information to organizations affiliated with 皇冠365官方APP or correct such information by writing to us at the contact address at the end of this privacy statement. 


Site visitors may not access information we have collected and maintained about them. 


Many websites now use "cookies" to provide useful features to their visitors by providing customizable and personalized services. 

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. 例如, 网站可能会使用cookie来存储和有时跟踪您的信息, 你的喜好, 或者你最近访问过的页面. 

您的浏览器软件可以设置为拒绝所有cookie, or to ask you if you would like to accept or decline a cookie from a particular site before it is set. Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset the browser to reject cookies in the Help section of the toolbar. 你应该知道, 然而, 如果你拒绝cookies, 网站的某些功能和便利可能无法正常工作. 

我们在网站上使用cookie来存储和跟踪访问者的偏好. 我们不会将cookie链接到您的任何个人信息. 


Our site does not feature information and services of interest to children 13 years and under, and we do not collect personal information from anyone we know is a child under 13. 


Some websites require you to provide some personal information through a registration process in order to take advantage of certain website features and to access content areas. 例如, a registration form might request your name, telephone number and 电子邮件地址.

Access to some of the features on this website in the future may require registration and the disclosure of some personal information, which may include a specialized registration process for completing an e-commerce transaction. 


Websites often provide a number of links that offer direct access to other useful or interesting websites holding potential value to site visitors. Inclusion of the other sites by links does not imply any endorsement of the material or information on the other sites. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy of each linked site before sharing personal information. 

本网站包括非附属外部网站的链接. 我们鼓励用户查看每个链接网站的隐私政策, 因为我们不能对其他网站的隐私做法负责. 

We will make every effort to notify you when you are leaving our site and you may be subjected to different privacy policies than those we have established for our website. 


We recognize that many people are concerned about the privacy and protection of information as it is transmitted over the Internet. You should keep in mind that the possibility exists for unauthorized individuals to intercept any e-mail message you send over the Internet.

在某些情况下, information can be encrypted (scrambled or encoded) to make it very difficult to read if it is intercepted during communication.

Certain technology and practices allow websites to provide an increased level of security for your personal and health-related information when appropriate. 

To enhance the level of security for communication and the transmission of personal information, we have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, 滥用或更改我们在本网站向您收集的信息. 


不时地, 我们可能会将客户信息用于新业务, 未在我们的隐私声明中披露的意外用途. 如果我们的信息实践在未来的某个时候发生变化, we will post the policy changes to our website to notify you of these changes and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses  If you are concerned about how your information is used, 你应该定期回来看看我们的网站. 


您对本网站的访问和使用受本隐私声明的约束, SENECA公司免责声明, SENECA公司隐私惯例通知, 和其他网站条件包括, 但不限于, 损害赔偿限制和所有适用法律, 包括我们所在州的法律. 


如果您对我们的隐私政策有疑问, 或者觉得本网站没有遵循其声明的信息政策, 请皇冠365官方APP


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